We create a quality of trust that allows for deep truths to come through in order to heal, to dream, and to live the lives we ache to live.

First thing we do is believe.  Believe that our young men are powerful and have much to offer themselves, their communities, this nation, and our planet. 

Then we listen to them.  We ask them to trust us with their truths.  Their deep and precious truths. 

Then we explore.  We explore from a place of deep belief in all of our power and goodness.  And from a place of courageous truth telling.  We explore what each group is uniquely facing.  Maybe it’s a suicide.  A devastating loss.  Major allegations.  The disruption of an image once held.  Lackluster performance. Exceptional performance. Whatever is alive in that moment for that particular group.

And from there, from a place of belief and trust, we head into the darkness, the forest, the reality of what these groups are facing.  In all of its known’s and unknowns. Sometimes it’s a collective issue.  Sometimes it’s a chance for individuals to heal and grieve and to be supported by their team, their brothers, their coworkers.  

And we do all this through a series of facilitated processes, exercises, prompts and guidings.  These processes are designed to build and encourage trust, to inspire courage in vulnerability, and a bravery to dream big.   To dream for what wants to come through the individual, the team, the dorm, the department, the organization. 



Exploring Mental Health as Men — Amherst College — highly interactive and participatory series exploring curiously and courageously how our culture helps and hurts our abilities as men to access our feelings, talk about our emotions and seek resources to support ourselves in our journey for mental health.


Sexuality and Gender — Manchester University — Explored the dicey terrain of sexuality, gender, masculinity, femininity on a college campus with male, female and non binary students.

Exploring Masculinity — Manchester University — Facilitated a lively discussion in pairs, small groups, and as our 200 person room regarding the state of masculinity today. This facilitation was also offered to make, female and non binary students and staff.

The Journey into the Hearts of Men — Bucknell University — Facilitated the first retreat of a year long relationship with Sigma Alpha Epsilon by exploring our gifts, our shadows, and who we want to be as men in relationship with each other.

Brave Space Conversation Series — UMass Greek Life — Facilitated conversations regarding Hazing, Sexual Assault, Alcohol, Ritual and Initiation, and more with a diverse group of campus stakeholders in an effort to better support the Greek Life system at UMass.

Healthy Masculinity Programming — Amherst College — Facilitated conversations with the Football, Lacrosse, and Baseball teams regarding masculinity, respect, love, understanding emotions, sharing vulnerability and brave communication.


Heart Centered Connection — Multiple projects: First Year Orientation for 75 students. Wellness and Resilience Training for 10 staff and student mix.


First Year Orientation – facilitated 80 Amherst College students to connect to themselves and each other while connecting them to their campus for the first time