Business or Personal


When working together I like to:

Clarify – what is it that your heart is aching for, that would bring you deep fulfillment, that would further align you with the life you are waiting to live

Craft – what’s the plan, the strategy, the route to get to that desired, future state?  What are the behaviors and rituals that you’ll explore changing or creating?  And what are the habits you’ll put in place to ensure you achieve your goal?

Commit – What were the successes to celebrate and the challenges to strategize towards from the week?  Where did the plan become unrealistic?  And what did you learn today that you can apply tomorrow?

I like working with people who are:

Eager and Fevered – ready to make a change, to gain clarity on what it is they want to manifest, and have an itch to get to work

Focused and Committed – have an awareness of the effort that will be required and are still rolling up their sleeves

Honest and Humble –  self aware and committed to the truth

Ready -- in short, I like working with folks who are ready.  Who are prepared to put the time in.  The sweat in.  The emotional expenditure in to make what they want for themselves a reality.

Areas of Specialty 

Mission Clarification

Core Values

Creating a Relevant Business Plan

Personal Accountability

Limiting Beliefs and Affirmations

Leading Effective Teams

Myers Briggs

Developing Your Morning Practice

Goal Setting

Stepping into Personal Power

Habit Development

Adult Psychology and Smart Strategy

Day Charts

Roadmap Development

Emotional Intelligence

Process Design



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