Group Facilitation

Empowering and equipping teams and organizations to clarify their goals, craft a skillful plan, and then commit to achievement - this is some of the most rewarding work I get asked to do.  


Key Outcomes

  • Clearly Defined Purpose or Problem Statement
  • Group Agreements
  • Core Values Clarification
  • Market Relevant Business Model


  • Skillful plan of action
  • Metrics to gauge success by 
  • Facilitated support throughout the process
  • Start Up Support

In group facilitation, I work with a team or a department to Identify where they currently exist, where they want to go, how they want to treat each other and anyone else while they get there, what the strategy is to get them there more effectively, what dial or metric to watch to know they are on course, and where to go for support throughout the process.  

Previous Clients

  • Hawks & Reed – farm to table restaurant in development at the Arts Block in Greenfield
  • Amherst College Student Senate – the student governing body at Amherst College
  • Amherst College Women’s Track and Cross Country – facilitation on Team Culture
  • UMass Community Based Education Class – Passion and Purpose
  • Amherst College Student Affairs – First Year Orientation Progra

Sign up to set up a phone call or meeting to talk about what you know is possible for your team, group, department, organization.  Facilitation can range from a 3 hour session to a multi-year commitment, it all depends on the group, the goal, and resources available to achieve it.   Facilitations can take place on site, off-site at conferences or retreats, or at my home office in South Amherst depending on group numbers.