Healthy Masculinity


Personally and Organizationally


Custom Designed, highly interactive, Programming that brings men into their hearts and allows them to see what’s possible when the heart is at the center of their lives, their leadership, their work, their relationships.

Key Outcomes

  • A more connected, committed and honest way of communicating among the team

  • Access to feelings, emotions and parts of self that are often pushed down and repressed

  • Greater acceptance and awareness of self, all the parts, even the parts were not so proud of

  • A renewed sense of responsibility and care as it relates to others

  • Opportunity to see, and to be seen in, states of vulnerability, fear, joy, and wholeness

Hear what some people have said about True North’s Healthy Masculinity programs:

Never once in my life have I encountered someone who cared so deeply about me AND the group of men I identify myself with. Pete and Andrew took time to listen to us and appreciate what we had to say. I feel that typically the events of this type are a platform for us to listen, rather than speak and listen. I would take any opportunity to spend time with Pete and Andrew. They are fantastic men who know a great deal about what it means to be a man in this day and age. They deeply care about us and I am super thankful for that. I have even spoken with members of my team about going a scheduling a private visit with Pete and Andrew. They are that special. I left our session with Pete and Andrew excited about being a man. I left with new meaning for my mission in life as well. One of the best events I have ever taken part of at Amherst College.


I found that the workshop that Pete and Andrew brought to us was extremely engaging and truly helped me connect with those around me. Going into meetings like these, I feel that most people would be reluctant to join the discussion and would be quick to dismiss the topic, especially if it deals with expressing feelings that we may find private. However, Pete and Andrew created such a welcoming and comforting environment that I found it quite easy to express my inner feelings to others. In fact, the environment was so welcoming that members of the group shared some feelings that made them very upset; feelings that they had attempted to repress deep inside of them. I greatly appreciate what Pete and Andrew brought to us. They helped us open up even more as a team, but more importantly as individuals. I would 110% recommend this workshop to anyone in the future due to the positive effects that I experienced from it.


I realized that it was ok to open up to my brothers and that I would not be judged or deemed soft or anything like that


This meeting taught me a lot about not just our team, but our roles in society as a whole and how we can be better, more understanding people. The talks about masculinity brought up questions that I had never thought about, and helped me realize how to deal with the pressure that is put on us in healthy ways and how to use it to our advantage. In terms of our team, I feel like we all were instantly closer after the meeting. Our team is very close to begin with, so I never expected this to be the outcome, however it helped us all immensely and the effects from talking about things we usually avoid with each other made us permanently closer.


I took away the lesson to be more open about your emotions and that its ok to share them with the people that you care about. Perhaps more important is paying close attention to others emotions, and how your actions, and others', directly affect them. Overall, I found Pete's workshop to be really awesome, and his activities elicited some deep, passionate, and emotional conversations that are not often present in a Men's team environment. The workshop definitely pushed me to step out of my comfort zone.



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