Know Your Code

What good is achieving your goals if it cost you connection, community, and relationship?  

KNOW YOUR CODE is a facilitated process to lead a group, team, department or club to:

  • Clarify – what each team inherently values and their vision for the future
  • Craft – the synthesis of these values in a compelling Code of Conduct
  • Commit – to living that Code out daily, weekly, monthly to bring about that future vision

Codes of Conduct that are handed down to a group from superiors, institutions, higher-ups rarely work, rarely instill buy-in and rarely garner group support.  Codes that are derived from the team, from the individuals deciding to live this Code out, are much more likely to succeed. 

KNOW YOUR CODE offers participants an opportunity to imagine a new culture, a new set of norms, a new code based on the vision they have for themselves and guided by the values unique to each team. 

Contact us if you are interested in setting up a phone call or a meeting to run your team, group, department or organization through KNOW YOUR CODE.  Facilitations range in length, scope, and duration and are largely dependent upon the outcomes desired and the resources available to make them happen.