Manage Your Semester Like a CEO

Learn how to think of your studies like an entrepreneur CEO. 

Identify your:

  • Culture, Core Values, and Mission -- Activity without high levels of purpose is a drain
  • Strategy – What is your unique value proposition in the market
  • Clients – Who have you made commitments to and are expecting something from you
  • Core Competencies – What activities do you need to excel in to be the best in your industry
  • Production Schedule – What has been committed, who to, when is it expected?
  • Continual Improvement Plan – What did you learn from the week that will inform how perform in the following
  • Exit Strategy or End Game – if wildly successful, what will you do upon graduation?  

Ritualize Process Thinking

Whether it’s getting more schoolwork done with better marks in less time or raising 20 acres of vegetables for a dining hall or designing outcome-based program design, they all have the same process steps involved.  Manage Your Semester Like a CEO walks you through the process to give you greater clarity and confidence in achieving your goals, no matter how diverse or different they are from one another.