Brave Space Conversation Series — UMass Greek Life — Facilitated conversations regarding Hazing, Sexual Assault, Alcohol, Ritual and Initiation, and more with a diverse group of campus stakeholders in an effort to better support the Greek Life system at UMass.

Healthy Masculinity Programming — Amherst College — Facilitated conversations with the Football, Lacrosse, and Baseball teams regarding masculinity, respect, love, understanding emotions, sharing vulnerability and brave communication.

Hilltown Farmers Coalition Building — Hilltown Community Development — Facilitating the formation, vision and strategy of the Hilltown Farmers Growers Group.


Nourish Cafe — Facilitated a series of sessions to empower staff, build a more connected and cohesive team, and build buy-in among the employees.

Full Moon Ghee — Strategy sessions to discover long term vision, determine a realistic time frame, and maintain balance.

Prospect Meadow Farm — Facilitated an all-staff retreat which aimed to strengthen and build the connections between the different employees and to allow for everyone to be heard and seen.

Amherst College Student Affairs — Multiple projects: First Year Orientation for 75 students. Wellness and Resilience Training for 10 staff and student mix. Speed Reading Training for 30 students and 6 staff.

Bueno Social — SEO and Design Company — Goal Setting, Mission Clarification, Process Mapping, and Accountability.

Simple Gifts Farm — Facilitated a series of processes to build buy-in and trust in the farm’s vision and goals among the staff.

Apex Orchards — Management training and coaching.

CISA — Consultant on program development and design.

Artisan Beverage Cooperative — Mission Clarification, Goal Setting, Strategy Selection, and Accountability.

Little Song Farm — Mission Clarification, Goal Setting, and Accountability

Amherst Nurseries — Crew Dynamics and Team Culture facilitations


Artifact Cider — Staff Retreat for the Sales Team

Fungi Ally -- Grow Staff retention and buy-in, reduce incubation time, eliminate contamination, and grow sales.

The Village – a 7 week, 15 person, group committed to accountability and goal setting

Hawks & Reed – Farm to Table Restaurant Start Up Strategy

First Year Orientation – facilitated 80 Amherst College students to connect to themselves and each other while connecting them to their campus for the first time


Book & Plow Farm – Developed 16 different community building programs with over 5000 participants at Amherst College

24 in 24 – a 6 month, 24 session, coaching campaign made available to the community, free of charge