What people are saying.

Pete has the rare quality of being able to convey unconditional positive regard in such a way that people feel instantly safe, at ease and cared for. This established a level of trust at our first meeting that opened the door for me to talk about deep issues.

Jessica Gifford, Founder, Thrive: Growing Wellness

Pete is approachable, smart, and personable.  He was able to adeptly and efficiently untangle what I perceived to be a complex puzzle of blurry ideas and overwhelming feelings.  He has a breadth of skills and exceptional focus.  He showed me that I could not only be aware of myself and my patterns, but harness the power to be proactive about my actions and emotionally supportive to myself in a premeditated way.  I had never thought about that slant, but this tactic has stayed with me; in fact, it is something that I hope I forever keep.  Thank you, Pete!

M.B., 40

1.  I came away from my first coaching session with Pete feeling lighter. His unique combination of humor and skillful listening dropped my guard and lifted my spirits. I opened up and emptied things I hadn't known I was carrying, sparking a cathartic insight, easy as pie. 

2. I got tickets to a barn dinner and music night. Pete was the MC. He opened by having all 42 of us make a huge circle, and in under 2 minutes, said an enthusiastic good evening to each and every one of us by name. I was amazed when I later learned that he'd just met a dozen folks right before he opened, and somehow had remembered every single name. That unique McLean Magic somehow dissolved awkward newness into laughter, shy into shine, and strangers into new friends. 

Jannie Dziadzio

This past November, I allowed myself to become highly cynical about the world and people around me. Pete's genuineness, vivid anecdotes, and years of active listening experience helped me realize that if I was to advocate for a more just world, I first needed to reexamine my negative judgement of other people and society at large. The change I felt after a few long conversations was like night and day.

 Amherst College Student, Class of 2017

Pete is one of the keenest, kindest listeners I've encountered, and it is this combination of razor-sharp attention and sincerity that made our meetings so transformative. Like a wolf on the hunt, he would track my blind spots with a quiet tenacity, and when he'd find them, his killer instinct turned to skillful compassion, offering truly unique counsel that could only come from someone as brilliant and big-hearted as himself. Each meeting with this natural-born advisor was a treasure.

Andrew F

After just one session with Pete, I was reminded of an inner power that has since been awakened and engaged. I'm much further down my path in a huge part because of his guidance. His style is direct, warm, honest, and energized, all qualities I look for in a strong facilitator.

Greg, Montague

Balanced, humble, and in touch. When I'm with Pete for counsel I have come to trust that he will be honest, open, and talk to me in a way that meets me where I am at. He asks concise, clear questions to focus and hone his intuition, to understand where we're going. He then embarks with me on an exploration to imagine and map out what's possible and where I'm going.


Pete's very steady. He comes from a heart place, grounded in connection, relationship, and purpose. I take deeper breaths when I'm with him.

Ryan Richards

Working with Pete over the years has given me a lens to view my inner value, and helped bring this to the surface and to offer it to the world. I have seen tangible results from applying specific tactics developed with Pete and I am certain the yield will remain fruitful for many years to come. I can say, without compromise, I have adopted a greater sense of self-worth, of community, and of collaboration, as a product of Pete's insightful mentorship.

Peter Brown, President, Earth Investments LLC

I've never been more comfortable with a counselor as I was during my sessions with Peter. Peter was remarkably warm and supportive yet proficient at helping me understand more about myself. He's given me tools to help channel my emotions and thinking away from anxiety, distrust and uncertainty and towards compassion, acceptance and understanding.

Paul Kastuk, 32

Working with Pete to identify clear steps into a new career was exhilarating. He is a skilled listener and was 100% invested in the work. To boot, he's a joy to work with. Coming out of our session, I feel empowered and energized.

Nate, Montague

After working with Peter McLean, I find he excels at creating a safe ritual space a shared connection to the present moment and to each other an ability to remove himself from my work and facilitate my revealing and accepting my hidden beliefs and truths and then facilitate strategies for dealing with what is revealed I find him kind and curious and skilled.  I recommend him highly.

Lawrence Quigley

My journey of self-compassion really began with my meeting with Pete. His demeanor and verbal toolbox allowed him to serve as a mirror for me to begin to explore parts of myself that I had yet to befriend. I have been inspired to continue with the same compassion for myself as he exhibited toward me in our meeting, which is a valuable practice indeed.

Hope Kelly

My experience when doing important "internal" work with Pete McLean is that he is a rare human being with a true gift for bringing to light the essence of both what I needed named and known as my "work" and, furthermore, then facilitating that with such integrity, skill, and sensitivity.  

There are people who choose an occupation because they have a skill set.  There are individuals who choose a vocation because they have passion for it.  

And then there is that limited number of humans who have an incredible skill set -- ability to be empathetic; listen deeply; who know that there is no formulaic answer to a unique human being's desire for understanding, meaning, and direction (sometimes bushwacking is required); and the capacity for sincere questions, dialogue, practice, reflection and genuine support -- that will help lead an individual to the answer(s) and path they seek (since almost the entire answer will be found inside the individual themself).

Pete's passion for helping others is real.  I've experienced it first hand ten times over.  One of the many ways I knew this came with Pete's recognition and acknowledgement that there will always be continued room to grow and develop  AND, most importantly, in Pete's own practice. Humility is critical to any person engaging in this work, friend or, even more so, a practitioner.  His extra-ordinary ability to help me included: supporting me so that I did not allow myself to become complacent, yet, simultaneously, recognizing the right pace for me, and when and how to push that growth edge -- the 'individual approach', in short.  Pete McLean has that "it".  The "it" that I've rarely found. I have done therapy for years.  I have gone to retreats. I have read self-help books.  I have asked friends for their support.... I can sniff BS, insincerity, and a lack of true presence a mile off.  I need to know I'm a valued human being, cared for genuinely, and that I am safe.  It is so with Mr. McLean.  I knew I could trust him with the ugly from the start -- my shame; my grieving; my angry feelings; my less-than-saintly history; and the unhealthy patterns developed throughout my years of living. Working with me around the smallest to the largest questions, growth edges, and challenges -- including sense of identity; deepest fears;  bad decisions; ugly memories; and the stories I've told myself or been stated by influential, yet not necessarily individuals-of-integrity -- he recognized me for what I am -- Good, with the shadow parts most all humans carry.  I consider myself blessed to have been able to work with Pete.  I am becoming: a freed-of-the-negative-part-of-my-past, a far-better-able-to deal-with-the-present, and a so-hopeful-of-the-future individual due to Peter McLean.

Lukas Best