A 10-week program to build confidence and competence in identifying and moving towards your mission and purpose.  


Key Outcomes:

Mission Statement – The confidence that comes with knowing what you want to see in the world, and what you are uniquely suited to do to bring that forth spelled out in a compelling sentence. 

Core Values – The commitment that is strengthened when you understand what matters most to you and the ability to guide your life towards those guideposts of fulfillment.

Skills Assessment -- The competence that comes from knowing where your gifts and strengths are and where you need to find and access support.

Roadmap -- The calm that comes with knowing that to achieve your goals, you need only follow the plan you skillfully built and the clarity to routinely refine it with learnings from the field.

Mission Focused Goals – The clarity that comes with breaking major outcomes into small, measurable, attainable, realistic goals that will bring you closer to your mission.

Continual Improvement Process -- The capacity that is built when you are making daily adjustments to gain greater confidence and control in your life and how you move through it.

Traction does not provide you with any of the answers.  It asks you the questions.  It facilitates a weekly process to move you towards your own insights about yourself to bring you into greater clarity and confidence around what you are striving to create, build or sustain.  It does all this with the power of a supportive, encouraging team of people who are also committing to the real work of listening to, and moving towards, what they know is possible.  


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